Roubo Workbench 2Our company first began in Austin, Texas as a cabinet shop. After building just a few pieces of nice household furniture, our craftsmen discovered the joy of working with all solid wood instead of the plywood and particle board common in cabinet making. So we began building furniture in solid hardwoods, using traditional joinery built to last for generations. The first pieces we built were of Antique Long Leaf Pine in Early Texas styles. We opened our first showroom in Fredericksburg, Texas. When our customers started coming to our current location in Chalk Bluff (North of Waco), we discovered they enjoyed coming to see our entire Craft Village and our craftsmen working together.

Here at Homestead Heritage Furniture we have been building traditional handmade furniture from solid wood for over 20 years. All of our pieces use traditional joinery methods such as hand-cut Dovetails, Mortice and Tenons and Dado joints. These heirloom pieces of furniture are built to last for generations of use. Each of our master craftsmen build one piece at a time, starting from selecting the wood for grain and color match, through the joinery and on to putting on the final finishing touches. We sign and date each of our pieces to add just one more degree of lasting value.  We have some of our pieces ready to go, on display in our gift shop called The Barn.

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We can adjust the size of our pieces of traditional furniture to fit your needs. Though our solid wood furniture is primarily made from Native Texas Mesquite, Black Cherry and Black Walnut, we regularly use Maple, Alder, Pecan, Cypress, Long Leaf Pine and Oak (Red or White). For all of our traditional heirloom pieces, once we have settled on a design and price we will do scale drawings for your review prior to building your piece.

Our neighboring Blacksmith shop regularly builds bases for our table tops as well as hand-forging drawer pulls and other accents.