Storage Cabinet

Antique Long Leaf Pine Cabinet

Here is a fine Antique Long Leaf Pine cabinet.  The depth is sized a bit more narrow than standard to fit the electronic equipment inside without protruding into the living space more than necessary. Mesquite Knobs complement the red hue of the Heart Pine.




Dovetails across the top are the end panel joined to the top and coming all the way through. That takes a lot of time but adds such a visual appeal.






Adjustable Shelving inside is made from Solid Black Cherry.





Beautiful red and yellow wood grain on the top.










Raised panel details, arched floating panels, fine extruded polished brass hinges.





Dovetails on face frame. This is a difficult joint to execute with no gaps. ( notice the tight vertical grain lines)





All of our Mesquite drawer pulls are hand turned, by the craftsman building the piece.