More tables in the works. I just finished up two new ones and their respective owners have received them. My Blacksmith made the base for me. The Oak top fit very nicely with the iron base.


I have been making tables for the last little while here and thought a picture or two would be in order. This one I made in Red Oak and our blacksmith made the base for me. I drew it up with the client and did several different sketches till we got it just right. The […]

Hand cut Dovetails and Craft Village

Here is a link to a video of one of our craftsmen making a hand cut dovetail. If you have never visited us here on the Ploughshare Campus we invite you to visit us in person. We are open Monday through Saturday, you can take a tour of the shops here where we both make […]

Our recent Cherry Cabinet Project

View our recent cherry cabinet project here

Welcome to our traditional furniture blog

Welcome to our new handmade furniture blog. Check back soon for articles on fine hand tool woodworking, unique traditional furniture and more!