Mahogany table

This custom table has leaves on the ends and made in solid African Mahogany.


More tables in the works. I just finished up two new ones and their respective owners have received them. My Blacksmith made the base for me. The Oak top fit very nicely with the iron base.


I have been making tables for the last little while here and thought a picture or two would be in order. This one I made in Red Oak and our blacksmith made the base for me. I drew it up with the client and did several different sketches till we got it just right. The […]

Long Harvest Table

Here I am with the finished table. You can see the Turquoise inlay in the top. The top is 22′ long and about 44″ wide. I peeled off the bark and burnished the wood to leave the original log texture. From the end of the table it’s a long way to the other end! The […]

A Texas Sized Table

I am working on a Texas sized table! This custom dining table will be 48″ wide and 22′ long for a Texas residence. We are cutting the Live Oak log from a downed tree on the clients property and then will build the long table specifically for their application. I took one of my helpers […]

Burmese Teak Countertop

I have been running to keep up with orders for furniture. We just delivered and installed a Burmese Teak Countertop in a local residence last week and I am going afield tomorrow to mill a large tree up to build a custom table. The table coming will be 48″ wide and 22′ long with a […]